Willow Bunch College

has an international literacy program connected to a life-saving (disaster preempting) program via www.godofdreams.com Read/hear more about it at www.cprize.org/cjzz.org/specials.html


 To start it we are taking donations of

1.     non working but repairable equipment

a.  tractors (anything we can put on our 18í trailer)

b.  other farm, shop or construction equipment

c.  Vehicle Donationautomobiles/trucks

d.  small engines/rotovators/pumps

e.  skidoos/chainsaws

f.   solar or wind power equipment/ power plants

g.   small movable buildings/tanks/steel/pipe/bins etc

2.     equipment you have ceased to use but havenít sold

3.     crashed or otherwise damaged equipment is okay.

4.    farm waste (grains, straw, old hay, or other crops to be dumped, abandoned etc) we can turn into methane, charred straw or some other usable product.

Repairs to donated equipment will be done with experienced mechanics and volunteer help at the college. The repaired or refurbished equipment is sold locally or on www.buyorsell.it and net proceeds applied to the literacy program or our prize purse (a raffle, your choice). 

Help us make a better world: Call 306-473-2665

Or toll-free at 888-774-9333 or email college@cprize.org

Want to volunteer? www.cprize.org/volunteers.htm

Want to Intern? www.cprize.org/interning.php

Please write collegeATcprize.org

or call 306-473-2665 or 888-prize-33

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