Future Challenges

Some challenges we intend to offer or accept as challenges may be hard to ‘prize’, seeing that often many people are involved in a solution or solutions are low tech. Or they are something everyone can learn to do or create. Or many can participate in, like say, literacy or listing all the plants and animals in the world. So we will are open to your suggestions as we accept proposals and challenges, both to find how we will prize it, award it and give credit to the best, and not necessarily just one winner or winning solution. That too will involve your choices.

Many people participate in useful projects via non-profits already. So we see creative people within non-profits and small businesses as amongst our biggest sources of imaginative solutions for present or future problems. Why small business? They already put their efforts and money into solutions that serve people and most remain flexible to change.

Many winners, if not already in business, may soon find their ideas and solutions fuelling the basis for a business. If you win we will ask you for a part of that business, so we can apply our share to doing more good things for everyone. We believe creative efforts that make business possible reduces poverty more than anything else, and can be shaped to a spectrum of outcomes including protecting the environment. Value added to a simple product using creativity is the basis for many businesses, whether it is from grain, steel, diamond, silicon or water turned into a beverage. We all shape the future, by our creative efforts, and focussed efforts are better than ones that are sporadic, random or done casually.

CPrize creates a focus ending in real solutions, not platitudes, and broken promises. CPrize's objectives are to support life (including the environment and new or innovative energy sources or means of getting more use from existing sources), health, social and aspects supporting life. The objectives are based first on what dreams and visions provide us, so our targetted solutions will cover many useful projects. They may also include tackling the objectives' various enemies or imposers force on others, or deal with controversial issues, or may entail putting two or more concepts together to make them viable. All this hinges on your choices, particularly on future challenges.

Note that democratic solutions do not need to be government based political solutions, they are made simply by making choices. Such an approach allows polling for the approval of many (even clause by clause), accumulation of a 'purse' (the focus, good will and muscles needed for enacting solutions the majority chooses), and participation as you alone or with others see as fitting.

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Future Challenges

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