Existing transportation uses fossil fuels. A finite amount of fuel exists.

1.   The Google Lunar X-Prize isn't creating new technology, it just reworks what already exists. Creating new technology costs big money, or does it? 

2.†† Technology challenges need to encourage innovation like the Google's X-Prize or create new, unknown or undeveloped technologies. It need not be expensive to create new ones.

3.†† Most new technologies are products of dreams and visions, like with Edison and Einstein (and many others who could be named.) Sometimes it took many dreams or visions to obtain all the clues and pertinent instructions. Everyone dreams, however, few people recall and/or apply the messages they contain, mostly due to a lack of self-discipline to record them, and most lack the means to interpret them.

4.†††Our technology challenge while using a novel approach to significant creativity that has not been encouraged for more than individuals before fits comfortably with the Google Lunar X-Prize and could be won, we believe, sooner than the end of 2013. Ours costs far less to complete. It is aimed at physics and engineering students and model clubs and we know they don't have the resources big businesses do.  

Prize Description: The HiBot Prize is expected to be equal to the Google Lunar X-Prize, and additional to it (the winners must beat the non-HiBot contenders), or the prize stands on its own if all teams are not as fast as the X-Prize teams are. If you win this ahead of any competitors in the Google X-Prize it's certain the funds will be found to provide the registration for their prize as their registration is open until the first team creates the lifitng technology.

Proposed HiBots Purse Size is meaningless until registrations and funding sources are achieved.

Competitors spending more than $10,000 in total materials cost, lose points as the expected cost is in the $3000 range. If a team budgets and keeps within their materials budget there are bonuses.

Targetted speed for flying the mission to the moon and back is in under 24 hours.  (The bonuses and extra points for simple tasks are to ensure that teams find the technology and help via their dreams and visions and utilize existing products to keep the pricing down.) [The registration fee  includes 2 small books on dreaming and visioning, key to using your inspiration for this challenge. The fees reflects the fact they are students or clubs, or businesses. Fees are a fraction of the X-Prize fees.] †

Rules: The rules and regulations are not short and not cast in stone. The primary differences are that contestants cannot use combustion or rocket technology. They are permitted to use ion thrusters such as lithium, however that technology is unlikely to provide enough speed to win the prize. Teams cannot make reference to any measurements other than metric. [NASA lost a Mars mission due to their permitting work using two measurement systems. Not adopting metric measurements has already cost them heavily.]

Contestants become partners with HiBots Inc. in future transportation developments. (We give you a few hints on how to find the technology after a team is registered, plus directions as to what existing devices, technologies or processes make creating your HiBot possible.)

HiBots are in 3 size classes; up to 50cm, 1 meter and 2 meter (nothing bigger, these are models not commercial vehicles). Teams may create one in each size range, however each one will need to be registered as a separate entry.

Contestantís use of Practically Dreaming and Remote Viewing significantly increases their likelihood of winning.

Purse Size: to be collected as your contributions via www.buyorsell.it or on www.indiegogo/hibots

Potential Funding Sources: Governments intent on reducing the costs of fossil fuel usage + Space related industries + ALL transportation manufacturers + Television (reality shows) + Environmental incentives and people who care about the environment + Business people who see the benefits in making such a change + Anyone who wants to add to the purse for the benefits of making such a change. Basically people who believe it is time we had this technology are able to donate or sell products and services with some or all of the sale price going to a non-profit or challenge of their choice by using www.buyorsell.it We suggest a less inflationary contribution of $1/barrel of oil used by participating nations as the means this program is funded. In effect it is a tax to preempt the carbon tax. Nations cannot benefit by hosting trials or being known as home to winning teams if they are not contributing to the prize purse.

This challenge, once won and developed commercially, will enable many nations to meet or exceed the Kyoto Accord reductions in carbon dioxide emissions as the propulsion system uses no carbonaceous fuels. It will also create tourism on the moon and Mars at prices many people will be able to afford. Other big benefits exist in that the thrusting force of the HiBot can be used to redirect marauding comets and asteroids, without the uses of nukes.

For those who anticipate an upheaval in your area of occupation there is a consolation while you adjust, the cost of food will drop, or not rise as much with the cost of freight dropping. It may mean that you need to be creative in your approach to seeking new areas of occupation, in the same ways the winners of this will have used.

What will the HiBot look like?

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