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CPrize subscribes to the principle that our dreams and visions supply us with direction in life so their use is wholesome, holistic and Guided, aimed at supporting life and success. Direction of these specific operations and domains provide appropriate and/or leading technology, plus knowledge or programs aimed at improving literacy, affordable health care and therapies, innovations in technology, structural social areas, agriculture, communication and education, safety and other areas of creative practicality, some with business intents. We also adapt and/or recycle commercial content and building materials wherever it is practical.

  Website Phone
Our Eco-Travel Technology Challenge HiBots 888-ET-HiBot
Our Life Saving Technology Challenge LifePhaser  
Our Long Life Project (Eternal Life + the following) Long Life Project 85-Long-Life
Our Health Training Program Inn Therapy 888-Minds-RX
Subscription for Dream Based Health Diagnosis  
Our Program for Neuroscientific Health God of Health  
Our Program for Preempting Foreseen Disasters God Of Dreams  
Our Eco-Farm Music Festival EcoFarmFest  
Our Ecological Power Project EcoPowerProducts  
Our Plain Rain Harvest  
Our Passport Service  
Our Emergency Adoption Program kids4adoption  
Our Plant Database New Hortus  
Our Seeds and Medicinal Teas RxTeas  
Our Literacy Program First Spells 306-IQ-Ebook
Our Literacy Fund, Bonds & related Records ZBUX  
Our Printing/Publishing (Dream inspired books) WritersPublisher 866-Word-God
Our Magazine (dream and vision based inspiration) Epiphanies Magazine  

Our International Journal of Traditional Medicine


Our Sales Site                                                    888-u-2-sell-1 Buy Or Sell It 888-u-2-buy-it
Our Small Business Warehouse/Fulfillment Centre  

Our Campus Radio Station (Willow Bunch College)


Our Educational Curriculum


Our Mandate and Objectives Mandate  
Our Equipment & vehicle donations Donations 888-prize-33
Our Volunteer Program Volunteers 888-prize-33
Our Intern Programs Interns 888-prize-33
Our Community Protection Program Community Protection  
Our Program for Reworking Law and Order God of Order  

The campus on Google map's streetview, summer 2009.


The philosophy behind CPrize's technology challenges.

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