Willow Bunch College Objectives

Our College has these main objectives:

  1. To increase literacy internationally via a personalized ‘game’ played with children, known to more than double the normal levels of literacy and vocabulary by age 12. The game increases IQs, creativity and observational skills and creates other benefits at the same time without corresponding increases of reading time. As this program becomes widespread it is expected to impact poverty hugely within a handful of years. See www.firstspells.com
  2. To return ‘lost’ highly effective, therapeutic techniques of the past to common health care, such as ones used more than 2650 years ago in Ireland, 2300 years ago in Greece, 2000 years ago around the Galilee and spoken about in 13th century Spain. It also supports the use of inexpensive herbs as medicines, especially in relation to diminishing the effects of Alzheimer’s, the most wasteful of human potential, debilitating, and costly ailment of all. To start with all therapies and health interceptions will centre on non-contagious and non-infectious diseases and chronic ailments, and no emergency services.
  3. To increase technology and practices relating to food production especially in extreme conditions in order that more of the world can support and exceed its food needs, with access to water becoming a major problem to be solved. The first stages of the solution are in implementing effective low-tech solar heat and power, plus aquaponics and aquaculture. This environment may also be used to support population increases of endangered or threatened freshwater species and some plants.
  4. To introduce a series of dream inspired programs using dreams such as eternal life (a DNA repair), a non-lethal replacement for firearms, a program for preempting lives lost to natural disasters, a health program for diagnosing and remediating health and some social concerns.

We recognize dreams and visions are humanity’s greatest source of creativity, health and guidance; and support that reality by providing ‘the tools’ to people and how to use them, in order to inspire creative changes in the world to solve its manifold problems. For instance, many wise and dedicated people have spent untold, largely wasted hours trying to create peace without first identifying and tackling its enemies who tend to work in secret to prevent, thwart or undermine it by fomenting hatred, bigotry, lies and other behaviours lacking integrity.

One founding member is author to seven books which support the formation of a college, its objectives and mandates plus peace and constructive changes. As the program objectives are effectively implemented and refined, the College and Foundation will encourage and assist the creation of similar educational facilities in other nations and expects that to be a rapid process due to a probable widespread interest in two technology challenges the Foundation will soon promote to become a tangible reality. The full spectrum of Foundation developments can be found on www.cprize.org/index-site.htm

Willow Bunch College Mandate

Our College is overseen by a board governed non-profit organization. We offer certificate programs that prepare learners for entry into careers, employment and pre-employment plus apprenticeship trades that prepare students for careers or trades employment. Our courses run from hours to two years. Our College will offer arts and music instruction and continuing studies courses and programs to meet the diverse needs of its service region, as well as the needs of farming, business, industry and government. Some courses are run in real-time situations.

We are currently developing the world’s first organic, ecologically oriented and holistic educational facility. Our aim is to cover an increasing spectrum of disciplines from agriculture to zoology. Staff will look for sound technological advances and new ways of applying agriculture, aquaculture, aquaponics, arts and music, botany, business practices, chemistry, communications including radio CJZZ, computers, ecology, education, energy alternatives, environment and sustainable development, ethics, fertigation, health and therapeutic healing techniques (but not medical care), herbal medicines, horticulture/silviculture, innovation, law, literacy, math, peace, physics, printing/publishing, psychology, recycling, robotics, sales, solar energy applications, water and weather sciences, plus veterinary, zoology and animal care subjects. Teaching biodiversity, best practices, simple and advanced techniques and procedures is in keeping with generally accepted organic practices as well as appropriate technology.

We will exclude all use of dangerous or deadly chemicals for pest and weed control or as medicines, except as remedies if the chemicals are found naturally within a plant or plant-based solution. Hazards such as GMO products created via any of several unsafe genetic technologies known for dubious results and inadequately tested products as well as Roundup Ready crop products will not be considered. We favor selective breeding as a means of improving varieties as well as taking care to avoid contaminated or infected seed or breeding stock and support tissue culture for rapid propagation.

We will serve and cater to students who care about innovation and, when relevant, the quality of food or products they produce, the effects their production has on the environment and health of people who consume it. We want creative people of integrity, and initiative who have a concern for the world they live in and people they share it with, preferably those who want to learn to use their spiritual tools, dreams and visions, to excel.

Courses will not have attendance checked, and quizzes may not affect grades however term tests, research, performance, labs and projects using a variety of media are marked by team’s leaders or instructors for final standings. Completion certificates will indicate only the words: Pass 50-64%, Merit 65-79%, Distinction 80%-89% and Top of the Class 90+%.

A mid summer Organic and Eco Farm Fest will be held on the first (long) weekend of August on our campus and nearby organic farms. It has its own domain, ecofarmfest.com where listings of booked musicians plus a trade show of organic and ecological displays and demonstrations as well as related student projects will soon be listed and promoted in order that a pleasurable element to learning and fun be made available locally and to all other interested parties. An organic farmer’s market and healthful products will be made part of it.

Our educational facility consists of 5.67 hectares (14 acres) and 2339sqM (25,000 sqft) main building with a stage and auditorium (seating for 360), library, shop and print shop. Our campus has no accommodations or food services presently. When food is added, training in serving organic foods, appropriate healthful diets and menu related areas will be included.

Willow Bunch College’s holistic educational program is expressed in the acronym Vate Ed. Visionary, Artful, Therapeutic, Exchange, Education and Diagnostics.


After a planned $4 million expansion and renovation of the facility in 2010, the college expects to use rainwater to maintain water levels in its aquaponic/aquaculture greenhouses, passive solar heating backed by a geothermal heatsink, and a pair of methane digesters to add natural gas for heating and CO2 production. Solar collection of photovoltaic power and use of sunlight for daytime lighting is on the list of additions as well as a hyperbaric therapeutic chamber.

The greenhouses will mainly grow vegetables, herbs and health related products via aquaponics plus fish and crustaceans via polyculture, commercially sold under the trade name Dr Crunch.

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