Firearms and Tasers used in support of law enforcement kill people.

1.   Killing people is unacceptable in truly civilized nations, however not all nation's governments protect all lives with a clear, unambiguous commitment, even though they may claim to. Humans find reasonable solutions, not ones as ravening predators without care for the less advantaged. Had this device been invented already the massacre in South Africa at the platinum mine by police would not have been possible as well as innumerable massacres by gunmen in the USA, Norway, Russia, Afghanistan and other nations where access to firearms is insufficiently teamed with responsibilities to protect life.

2.   Great efforts are made to keep people alive via medical means, so they can continue living and contributing to society. Otherwise we experience dismay at seeing people die needlessly.

3.   People who run afoul of the law are often only momentarily 'emotionally out-of-control' when they do something unacceptable, unsafe or threatening. They need help, not being killed by peace officers whose job it is to protect society, in theory, first and themselves second. Up to 20% of people are mentally impaired at some time in their life. The emotionally out-of-control are far more numerous than the mentally impaired, so much so that no reliable statistics exist. Who has never been angry, frustrated, rebellious or suicidal and acted in less than acceptable ways during that time?

4.   Law enforcement officers are unable to predetermine the effects of force being used, and as a result far too many people are intentionally, accidentally or inadvertently killed. Using a Taser is still force and due to the number of people who have died when Tasers have been used, it is too often a lethal force. For some the use of a Taser use smacks heavily of condoning torture by bullies especially if it has been used unnecessarily or looks as though it was used to 'punish' the person.

5.   A device, suggested to be based on laser and/or microwave or similar technologies, would be used to momentarily paralyze people acting offensively or threateningly, allowing the person threatened to safely apprehend, or to exit without further interaction. A pulse from the device would affect the body’s electrochemical impulses or send a harmless signal to the brain to temporarily cease all non-autonomic actions, for up to 5 minutes. Repeating the pulse from the device would not create a danger involving injury or the loss of life. (Contestants might find it helpful to know that laser beams are electrically conductive.)

Proposed Prize Description: The Life Phaser CPrize (amount as yet unknown).

Considering the cost of lives lost or severely injured in the USA alone, to firearms in one year (12 people per 100,000 or 36,000 people per year) the prize is paid for in lives saved in 6 months even if lives were only valued at an unrealistic amount of $1000/per person. Other social costs exist; autopsies, inquests, funerals, lost incomes/employees, not to mention grieving families. On creating this device self-defence using lethal force promptly becomes legislated as a crime as a reasonable alternative exists to lethal force. Society gets pushed to mature. Owning firearms, particularly handguns, becomes a huge liability then as firearms would no longer be permitted to be fired at any human target. About that time hunters are encouraged to take up archery and crossbows assuming many of them hunt for sport rather than simply a slaughter of a living target. The public will likely voice itself relational to military killing by then too, seeing most people want peace.

Use of the Phaser is to be monitored by sending a signal that could be recorded and monitored, so reporting the use of it for any incident (or hunting) requires a license and incident reports for each and every use of it. The Phaser would simultaneously, with each discharge (firing), take a picture of what it was aimed at, to be used in subsequent Incident Reports. (Recommended that an NGO monitor them, with suspicious uses and violations handed to appropriate authorities for further investigations.) For people caught committing any crime the device will in many cases provide irrefutable proof of their complicity.

Rules: The handheld device must be capable of being run on batteries, take pictures, and send a real-time (or delayed) monitorable signals with time stamps and the pictures for incident reports. It should also have a laser pointer so that targetting can be accurate, and turned on prior to the pulse that disables the target.

Rules must be that it work without harm to “freeze” the target body, preferably that it be undetectable in what it does to the body (no feelings experienced by the target). It cannot harm the target at any level of settings. If standing, the target would remain standing and not fall down. Commercial versions are sealed so they cannot be tampered with by end users. The Life Phaser uses fingerprint ID recognition technology to ensure only the registered owner can use it.

The contender’s use of Practically Dreaming and Remote Viewing significantly increases the likelihood of winning.

Proposed Purse Size: to be collected by your contributions via www.buyorsell.it  $15 million

Potential Funding Sources: Law enforcement agencies, security agencies, peace based orgs, people who believe violence and the use of weapons for killing people is not a solution. It might include religious based orgs, and spiritual leaders. People are able to donate or sell products and services with some or all of the sale price going to a non-profit or challenge of their choice by using www.buyorsell.it

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