Property Ownership is taken for granted in many nations.

1.  People who have title to properties they buy or legitimately occupy are able to leverage funds to get into business from local financial institutions. The problem: No title. No Loan.

2.  Western and industrialized nations take it for granted that everyone has a home. What most people do not realize is that in many nations the 'title' is in legal terms, inadequate, even if they have a home of any sort. So the title cannot be used to obtain a loan. Therefore the biggest asset of their life is improperly defined, for a variety of reasons, from not having a proper survey of the corners, to complex relationships with communities and land owners of it being leased land or strata title, and without proper documentation to define it.

3.  Poverty diminishes rapidly when owners can use their property title to borrow funds to get into business. Two thirds of the people in the world earn less than $2/day equivalent so very few can leverage their income to get a business started and so the cycle of poverty continues. People in nations where property is an asset seldom recognize the problem of the impoverished and make good suggestions that cannot be realized, simply because impoverished communities or individuals in them cannot turn their efforts into assets that can be leveraged. They lack the means to do that.

4.  With GPS technology a property can be defined in moments. Turning the information into a property title only takes a few minutes longer, as long as there is a will by government(s) and/or tribal councils to make it possible.

5.  With new found ownership needs to go education as to what responsibilities exist and how to keep track of payments, in short, a course in household accounting (which also presumes literacy). Otherwise some property owners could be fleeced out of their titles by unscrupulous individuals.

The challenge is to create programs, nation by nation, that work to give people within them usable titles they can leverage to start building a better base of assets for themselves. This will also be followed by creating land title offices capable of recording all the titles of a district and all land transactions that are within it.

Technology Challenges

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Future Challenges

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