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Meet the future of education:- where future giants stand on the shoulders of existing and past giants, to reach the stars. Vate[1] Ed sets the stage to find viable and creative choices our dreams and visions suggest, by educating and improving observational skills.


Vate Ed is a rounded, flexible adjunct to education aimed to be applied prior to and during education as a key to unlocking access to our Inspiration and Creativity, often above and beyond available reference books, to increase creativity, perceptions, health and the practical use of dreams and visions as a spirit-based finishing school. Our objective is to learn as much from the student’s realizations and experiences, as we teach them to foresee and be creative in a wide range of relevant topics and to develop their inborn skills and interests. For many this education is equivalent to a university. For those who have been to college or university it provides the opportunity to enhance your education with your inborn ability to foresee, create and discover solutions that academic education seldom addresses. Our college is not open for courses yet, it is under development.


Our objective for our graduates is for them to become employed or further educated in a wide range of creative, educational, leadership or advisory positions. Your success is our success. Everyone needs learned skills, knowledge and realizations to increase their functionality, and to help others to succeed in a similar manner, and to apply what was learned in daily life. For success in more than a specialty or major, we will help you sharpen the spiritual tools within and show you how to check with that Source that provides answers whenever answers are needed. As a peace based organization studies relating to peace are on the curriculum.


Presently alternative medicine has a 30% lower success rate than conventional medical practice, which by its own measure according to Best Doctors is only 55%. The discrepancy in success appears due in part, to opinion, superstition and ignorance plus the inability to pay attention to and understand the analogies and metaphors of their dreams and visions.


Criticisms by skeptics and the medical community of faddish methodologies lacking the perceptivity used presently are justified. Yet Edgar Cayce’s meditative vision-based use of healthful, non-invasive alternative medicine, created a nearly 100% success rate, far beyond medical technology’s best capability or what the medical profession has ever reached as their success rate. Many indigenous societies use the same method, although not to the same level of success as they lack literacy and adequate training. Consistent results are required. Progressive technological updating of techniques and therapies are part of the process. We are friendly to the medical profession, particularly doctors open to innovation and change. We also seek people of differing ethnicities receptive to less conventional health care to be part of the staff and therapeutic parts of our facility.


Many commonly used current ‘alternative health’ methods are not remotely close to standards set by Edgar Cayce starting a century ago. The methods are not taught in an educational setting or repeatable training format (like in course numbers in academic educational facilities). Without texts and definitions it is akin to voodoo. Cayce’s method, as good as it was, has no textbooks. Dr. Norman Doidge has rediscovered and chronicled in "The Brain That Changes Itself" some of the same healing methods used long ago, and called the technique neuroplasticity. He is one of several who have found related techniques.


Vate Ed aims to return the success rate on health to that which Cayce reached on thousands of cases he dealt with in his remote viewing meditations and to update the methods and therapies. The objective is to extend the lives of everyone by indirectly or directly using that method (and expand the approach into many other areas unrelated to health). This educational method can be used in conjunction with acceptable medical technology and scientific findings to enhance them. Everyone dreams. Most people ignore the Guidance they are provided which includes many creative and healthful suggestions, and cautions.


To round out the spectrum of education Vate Ed incorporates prophetic content, spirituality (largely via dreams and visions) and basic beliefs. We support belief in a Creator and working with the Living Word, with practical and usable corroboration with ancient texts, when and where it is appropriate. We do not support religion.


Another point is that several of the most notable examples of people who learned to use their dreams effectively, such as Einstein and Edison, had difficulty fitting in with the school system. Both were expelled as retarded and unable to learn, Edison within only a few months, and Einstein didn't speak until he was three. Yet they are just two outstanding people whose creativity contributed hugely to the benefit of humanity and growth of technology.  Imagine how many more creative people like them have been lost to society by not ‘fitting in’ or who never learned how to apply the creativity their dreams provided them.


Many students with rebellious tendencies or stubborn streaks are dumped, expelled or otherwise left out of the educational system to founder and never succeed. We invite them and will work to have them be our students. They need a chance in a different educational environment to find their talents and to express what they were unable to do in a conventional system of learning. Most students will thrive with the newfound access to freedoms, balanced with responsibilities once they can find ways to apply what they do best. Socialization is only part of the process that the self-discipline of recalling dreams stimulates. Integrity also makes its need felt.


The primary basis for the school is to ensure that democratic process leads the decision making of students and teams. Consensus is best, followed by compromise. Similar values and goals make the teams and school work, as confrontation and intimidation negate cooperation. Bad leaders choose a path of their own without consultation or due consideration of their team. Wise leaders learn to listen so they can find ways of making most situations work for all concerned (objectives and agendas need to be stated upfront). Approval by the majority is a necessity, before action affecting more than oneself is taken.


Vate Ed is not a conventional educational process, however in many ways it is similar to university, yet it can be added to any education at any level. It involves self-realization leading to action (doing) to enhance our functionality as sensing, reasoning, creative, responsible, rational people. The training enhances our ability to function in areas of our interest or occupation (existing or future). No written tests exist (for Vate related education) only tasks, assignments including peer reviewed papers and achievements acknowledged by others. Excellence increases, as does knowledge. The process of educating and learning is one of coming to realizations and sharing facts, sometimes from visitors, residents, patients, and students. Much of the education involves self-directed research, and discovery within collaborative efforts. There is no failure in trying.


Vate Ed studies require:

  1. above average language skills (we teach them from the start)
  2. above average observational skills (developed)
  3. above average comprehension and reasoning skills (developed)
  4. teamwork and interpersonal skills (developed)
  5. a desire for justice, human rights and democracy to prevail
  6. individuality (on discovering one’s worth, focus and values)
  7. a desire to find one’s best areas of creativity and energy to do it
  8. a desire to serve others with ever improving abilities and talents
  9. knowing what the enemies of peace and democracy are
  10. you to work with either dreams or visions or both, as they support your vocation or studies



The three main areas of past practices in Celtic areas of Europe:

  1. Bards (creative and entertainment arts)
  2. Druids (educational, scientific and leadership uses)
  3. Vates (health, practical uses, foresight and prophecy)

Our Willow Bunch Facility

is a 25,000 sqft/2339sqM former K-12 school. http://www.pacificway.org/images/willow-serv.pdf on about 6 acres of land in the town of Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan. See above aerial image also.

[1] Vate Ed is an acronym, Visionary, Artful and Therapeutic Exchange Education and Diagnostics. Its goal is to educate people who work (or are prepared to work) with their dreams and visions to bring about a spectrum of creativity, and solutions particularly in areas of health and wellbeing, to the point of making them practical or operationally functional in the ancient paths of vates, healers who preceded us with visioning and dreams.

[2] Such as PDR for Herbal Medicines, Blumenthal’s Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines, Newall’s Herbal Medicines: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals, Huang’s The Pharmacology of Chinese Herbs, Ross’s Medicinal Plants of the World, Hortus Third and New Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary  


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